Postgraduate Advanced Training Seminar

We are delighted to announce details of the Postgraduate Advanced Training Seminar, to be held on the day following the ANZAMEMS 2017 conference in Wellington, on Saturday 11 February (9-5pm). The topic of the PATS is “Marginalia and Markings: Reading Medieval and Early Modern Readers”, and it will be held at the National Library of New Zealand.

Presenters include: Professor Lorna Hutson (Oxford), Associate Professor Rosalind Smith (Newcastle, Australia), Dr Malcolm Mercer (Royal Armouries, Tower of London), Dr Anthony Tedeschi (National Library of New Zealand)

Because of the facilities and resources at the NLNZ, places at the PATS are strictly limited to 20. We are inviting postgraduate student applications for the PATS by Friday 4 November, at which point we will select the applicants to whom the PATS seems most helpful. Any places unallocated after this process will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The PATS is intended primarily for postgraduate students, but applications from early career researchers (within two years of completion of a doctoral degree) will also be considered if resources/space allows.
For further information and details on the application process, see the PATS page on the ANZAMEMS 2017 website.